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How much will this cost me?

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Unlike a majority of webpage design businesses who charge hourly rates and leave room for dishonesty, our business and yours will together decide upon a flat rate that you will pay us upon completion of your webpage.  The price of your webpage will depend on what you want it to look like, where on the web you want it to be published, when you want it done, and how often you want it updated.

Appearance:  The more graphics and animation that are on your page, the more attractive and eye catching it will be.   However, since graphics take more time to create, the more graphics you want, the more the page will cost.  We will discuss the layout and appearance of your webpage before deciding upon your fee.

Location:  If you would like your webpage published on a host server (ie. there will be no extra charge and we can easily teach you how to update your webpage, however the host does place unattractive and often annoying advertisements on your page.  For an added charge of $100 and $50 a month (including maintainance and updates) you will be provided with your own domain (ie.   For more information please go to "Where will your page be?".

When:  It takes us roughly two weeks to create a quality webpage.  However, it takes four to six weeks to secure a domain.  We can create and publish a webpage at a temporary location in one week for extra charge.  For more information please go to "When will your page be done?"

Updates:  Customers who choose the "host server" option are not eligable for updates by TruSurfers Web Design, however we can easily show you how to do it yourself.  For customers who are purchasing a domain for only $100, we will do any and all of you updates for you upon request.  This manditory service will cost you $40 per month and will cover monthly and yearly fees from the web host and domain provider (totaling up to more than $400 per year)  Your page can be updated to any time or date at your request.